Aroma Stone - Essential Oil Volcanic Lava Pendant Diffuser Aromatherapy Gift Box

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Aroma Stone Box 

-Natural Volcanic Lava Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Pillar Point Pendant

The Lava stone is naturally pours and will soak up the essential oils.  Your body heat will diffuse the oil throughout the day! Just spread couple of drops on the stone and that’s it!


-Four Thieves Essential Oil - 100% Pure & Natural Oil Blend

The famous blend of clove, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus and cinnamon essential oils from the 14'th century!

Stories tell that four grave robbers failed to contract the Plague despite their nocturnal activity, due to a herbal balm they prepared. Later they were pardoned for sharing their secret formula. 

We can’t say the story is true but we can say that a university trial of a similar recipe was found to kill 99.96%of airborne bacteria.

Today it is used to help prevent colds, coughs and flu and is a must for the medicine cabinet. Best used in an oil burner or aroma diffuser.

Scent – Pungent, Decongesting, Christmassy!

Extraction Method - Steam Distilled

Country of Origin – 

Clove Bud: Indonesia 

Lemon: Italy 

Cinnamon: India 

Eucalyptus: Australia 

Rosemary: Spain

Chemical Composition – 100% Pure, Natural Essential Oils

Properties – Helps with airborne germs, clears nasal passage and aids breathing. 

Blend Friends – Mixes well with Sweet Almond or Grapeseed oils for massage. 

Vaporisation - add 2-4 drops of essential oils to a burner, aroma stone or aroma stream

Storage - Keep lids on and integral droppers in place - Always keep in Original Bottles - Keep out of the reach of Children and Pets - Store out of Direct Sunlight at normal room temperature

Use - Not for Internal Use - Do not use on Skin Undiluted - If you have a medical condition particularly pregnancy, blood pressure problems or seizure conditions then please see medical advice before using any essential oil. Essential Oils are not an alternative to medical care - always seek help from a medical practitioner - Do not stop taking any medication unless on the advice of your doctor

Allergies & Sensitivities - Always do a patch test before using the oil on the skin - If irritation occurs, discontinue use

Disclaimer - Any information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The use of any information provided is for the sole responsibility of the user. We advise you to consult with your doctor or health care professional prior to using Essential Oils.

The box including:

-1 Lava Pendant necklace/or Keyring(you choose)

-1 Essential Oil Bottle: 3ml or 5ml(you choose)

-1 Leaflet

-1 organza pouch

Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom

Department: Adults

Product Line: Wellbeing

Material: volcanic lava stone

Type: Essential Oil

Features: Diffuser

Year Manufactured: 2020

Container Type: Box,Rollerball Bottle

Brand: PickofJoy

For: Aromatherapy

Labels & Certifications: 100% Natural Essential Oils

Scent: Cinnamon,Clove,Eucalyptus,Lemon,Rosemary,four thieves