Chakra Symbol Yoga Healing Pendant Charms Tibetan Silver Antique Silver Hollow

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Material: Zinc metal alloy  

Color Antique Silver  

Quantity: 1 Piece, or set of 7

Material: Zinc Based Alloy(Lead & Nickel Safe)  

Size: Approx:3.7cm x3.3cm(1 4/8" x1 2/8") - 3.2cm x2.6cm(1 2/8" x1")

Hole size: 2.2mm( 1/8") Thickness: 2mm( 1/8")

conversion : 1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inch

Color:  Antique Silver  

Quantity: you choose


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Colour: Antique Silver

Material: tibetan silver

Brand: Unbranded

Type: chakra symbol