Matte Larvikite Natural Gemstone Healing Stone Reiki Men Women Bracelet

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Handmade stretchable bracelet with 8mm Matte Larvikite natural gemstone round beads.

The bracelet it is elasticated and suitable for men and women. 

You will get it with free gift pouch. 

The name originates from the town of Larvik in Norway, where this type of igneous rock is found. Many quarries exploit larvikite in the vicinity of Larvik.

It is also found in the Killala Lake Alkalic Rock Complex near Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada

Larvikite is also called Black Moonstone, even if it’s not actually a moonstone.

It’s also called Birds Eye Granite, Pearlspar, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Norwegian Pearl Granite, Blue Norwegian Moonstone or Norvegian Labradorite.

Chakra: Muladhara (Base) Chakra

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Element: Water

Larvikite it’s a grounding and protective stone.

Furthermore, it is emetic to the delicate bodies, as well as facilitates a robust connection with the Earth’s energies. Thus helping to connect to the nature’s spirits.

This stone is also essential in stimulating the inner visions and improves the psychic abilities. Moreover, it also allows us in seeing the past, giving clarity to the visions, as well as improve the psychic abilities that we have. 


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Style: Beaded

Main Colour: Grey

Main Stone: larvikite

Main Stone Creation: Natural

Material: Stone

Brand: PickofJoy

Theme: Stretch