About Me

My love story with gemstones started 13 years ago. A lucky number I would say, now. At the beginning I was fascinated by the colors and the special light these stones brought into my eyes and heart. I always was attracted by the nature and its wonders. Minerals were to me like crystalised spirits of the nature who spoke to my heart directly, in a misterious language with no wordly words. Was pure attraction, then. Then, step by step I began to discover more and more amazing things about the powerful energies and healing qualities that are stored in these earthly gift. And I began to give forms to all kind of jewelry to give more value to my gems. I felt like my act was honoring these precious stones which are meant to be seen, worn and treasured as they deserve. By giving them a proper presentation and noble appearance, I know for sure that these precious items will carry along their gifts to those who know how to appreciate them and keep them close to their heart, mind and body. Ancient men and women knew very well the power and the value of these natural treasures. And I'm here to bring back their rightful place in our lifes. Empowered Lifes.

I honestly tell you that every stone that gets in my hands brings me so much joy and happiness. My story of joy and happiness is a daily conscious and passionate choice and that's the reason why I gave this name to my magic store: Pick of Joy. I strongly encourage you to have your choice and Pick of Joy today!

May all these gifts of nature bless you with their qualities, now and forever, as they continuously bring blessing to me, every day, since 2007.

Sincerely yours,

Maria Corina Ilie