Natural Green Aventurine Crystal Point Gold Plated Wire Wrapped Artisan Earrings

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Handmade by me with: Natural Green Aventurine crystal pillars, wire wrapped with gold plated wire.

Stone size: approx 3.5x0.8cm

Total length, including hooks: approx 6cm

The earring hooks are hypoallergenic, made from Gold plated Stainless Steel.

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Green Aventurine dispels pain and fear. Green Aventurine gives love, prosperity and heals the emotions. Do not cleanse in the full sun as the colour can fade in sunlight.

Green Aventurine, amongst all other shades of aventurine is of the dullest green tones.

Technically, Aventurine is not mentioned on any birthstone charts, either modern or more ancient. However, green Aventurine is sometimes considered a Libra birthstone. It is also considered to be a planetary birthstone of both Taurus ( April 20-May 20) and Pisces (February 19-March 20).

Aventurine is sometimes considered to be a birthstone of Virgo(August 23-September 22). It also provides some influence over the zodiac sign Leo(July 23-August 22). 

*Given the nature of the stones, please note that there may be variations from one crystal to another. No one are the same, but I will try to choose them similar with the pictured ones.