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Color Change Diaspore 925 Sterling Silver Delicate Flower Ring-USA sz 6

Color Change Diaspore 925 Sterling Silver Delicate Flower Ring-USA sz 6

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Jewelry Category: Ring

 Weight: 2.3 Grams

 Metal: Sterling Silver

 Metal Purity: 925 Sterling Silver

 Style: Floral/ Leaf

 Finishing: Highly Polish

 Marking: 925 

Plating: Anti Tarnish

 Oxidize: No Diaspore:

Quantity: 1

 Carat Weight: 0.23 carat

 Shape: Round

 Cutting: good-cut

 Color: Color Change

 Composition: Lab-Created

 Dimensions: 4X4 mm.

 Clarity: VS1-VS2 Please note: 100% Color Change from Kiwi Green in white light to Pastel Pink (Old Rose) in Warm Light or Sunlight. Also becomes bicolor in mixed light.


Ring Size Chart

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Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom

Main Stone Colour: Green

Style: Solitaire

Main Stone Treatment: Heat & Pressure,Heating,Irradiation

Metal Purity: 925 parts per 1000

Main Stone: Diaspore

Sizable: No

Main Stone Creation: Lab-Created

Occasion: Graduation

Metal: Sterling Silver

Main Stone Shape: Round

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