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Raw Blue Kyanite with Grey Larvikite Beads 18K GoldPlt Artisan Handmade Necklace

Raw Blue Kyanite with Grey Larvikite Beads 18K GoldPlt Artisan Handmade Necklace

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Handmade with genuine natural raw 20-25mm Kianite gemstones and 8mm Grey Larvikite Beads.

Lobster clasp for closure and 18K Gold Plated over Stainless Steel beads.

Necklace lengts approx 52cm(20.5")+ 5cm(2") extender chain

Pendant size: approx 25x35mm

Available: 1 piece, as pictured.

*Kyanite is a stunning gemstone that has a range of benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

-Promotes emotional balance: Kyanite is known for its ability to help balance emotions and promote emotional stability. It is said to help calm the mind and soothe feelings of anxiety and stress.

-Enhances communication: Kyanite is also believed to enhance communication skills, both in personal and professional relationships. It can help facilitate clear communication, reduce misunderstandings, and improve listening skills.

-Stimulates intuition: Kyanite is said to stimulate intuition and enhance psychic abilities. It can help you connect with your inner voice and strengthen your intuition.

-Facilitates meditation: Kyanite is believed to be a helpful tool for meditation as it promotes deep relaxation and mental clarity. It can help you achieve a state of deep calm and inner peace.

-Improves physical health: Kyanite is said to have a range of physical health benefits, including promoting healthy digestion, boosting the immune system, and reducing inflammation.

-Enhances creativity: Kyanite is also believed to enhance creativity and promote artistic expression. It can help stimulate the imagination and encourage new ideas and perspectives.


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